Monday, September 10, 2012

Pulled Pork Leftover Edition – Carnitas Burritos!

I’ve been smoking A LOT of pork shoulders lately, and while I could eat BBQ pork sandwiches just about every day, it’s always nice to have a little variety. Of course, when you’ve already done the work of smoking the shoulder, you’re looking for a recipe for the leftovers that’s quick and easy. For leftover pulled pork, it’s hard to beat carnitas burritos.

I’m going to keep this recipe pretty vague. In fact, it’s not really a recipe so much as a suggestion – if you have leftover pork, make some burritos. That said, here’s what I used:


Leftover smoked pork shoulder (here’s my recipe for smoking BBQ pork on the grill)
One can of black beans
1 cup of white rice, cooked according to package directions
Shredded cheese
Salsa of your choice (here’s a great recipe for salsa with grilled corn)
Plain Greek yogurt – a tasty, healthy substitute for sour cream. Bet you won’t taste the difference!
Tortillas, warmed on stove, grill, or in microwave
Lettuce (grilled if you want!)


1.    Directions? Seriously? Ok, I’ll play along. Place tortilla on plate. Pile all other ingredients high. Wrap up in tortilla. Eat!

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